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Temple Run 2

About Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is ideal for enthusiasts of running action games. You can experience adventures to overcome countless obstacles and a giant monster.

Join this game to transform into an explorer. You will become a man who is passionate about discovering places that no one has found yet. This is his childhood dream. In particular, lately, he has had a passion for ancient temples where mysterious stories happen. One day, this explorer heard a rumor about an ancient temple in a certain forest. Hearing the news, he immediately packed his bags and started the journey. He found that place, but an unexpected event happened. A huge monster appeared and attacked him. This monster is the guardian of the temple from vandals. It will chase and attack anyone who comes to this temple. Help this man run away from the monster's pursuit!

Features of Temple Run 2

  • The attractive running adventure game for singleplayer
  • Gain rewards from daily missions 
  • Collect coins and bonuses to unlock new skins
  • Cool graphics and art animations

The gameplay when playing the Temple Run 2 game

Run and overcome obstacles. These are your two main missions in this fast-paced running game. There is a huge monster chasing you from within the ancient temple. Avoid its pursuit!

This game offers you endless racing with countless obstacles like temple debris, fallen trees, streams, fire traps, and many other dangers. Jump over the debris of temples and trees. Slide through the fires and glide through the streams. Besides, you may face dangerous cliffs. Swing over these cliffs by pressing and holding the up arrow key. Use your abilities to overcome these obstacles. Jumping, sliding, and turning are skills that always need to be ready to perform.

In addition, you need to collect gold coins and bonuses on your way. Use collected coins to unlock new skins for your character and increase the ability of your character using bonuses. Besides that, you also can receive rewards through daily missions.

This running game has the same gameplay as the Cat Runner game. However, this game is the second version of the Temple Run game series. It will bring you new experiences and adventures. The challenges in this game are neither too hard nor too easy. The number of challenges is not much. If you've ever played Geometry Dash Unblocked, you can imagine the number of times the challenges appear in this game.

How to control: Use arrow keys to move.

Your abilities when running

You can collect power-ups along the way to activate special abilities. These abilities will allow you to perform more extraordinary actions than usual. There are 3 main abilities: Shield Duration, Coin Magnet, and Boost Distance. Shield Duration allows you to have an invisible shield to overcome obstacles. No obstacle can harm you while you are using this ability. Coin Magnet allows you to suck coins from the surrounding area. Usually, you need to touch the coins to collect them. However, when you use this power-up, you can collect all the coins easily without touching them. Boost Distance allows you to run for a longer distance than when running normally. You can increase the duration of these power-ups in the Abilities Section on the main menu.

Challenges in Temple Run 2

Every day you will receive a quest. Each mission will give you a different treasure chest. These chests are very valuable. Collecting treasure chests will be a huge source of coins.


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