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Super Racing GT Drag Pro

About Super Racing GT Drag Pro

Super Racing GT Drag Pro is a game of racing. You'll race throughout the world and demonstrate your driving prowess. Ready to compete against other superheroes?

Prepare to compete in Super Racing GT Drag Pro competitions all around the world. Try your hardest to win in this drag racing game to display your exceptional racing skills. Because your opponents will do whatever it takes to beat you. Are you willing to establish your dominance over them?

Your car is now ready for the road. Don't hold off on it. In this game, your objective is to triumph in each race you enter.

Better get the engine going. Move quickly! It's game on! You only need a mouse for this game. The upper right corner of the screen will show a pedal icon.

By clicking on it, try to keep the rev needle in the green area. Because time is so important in this game, you'll also need to change gears just when you need to. To use the arrows in the upper right corner of the screen, simply wait for the rev needle to enter the green zone. If you follow these steps, you'll succeed.

But your car must also be personalized if you want to win. Visit the in-game shop to make upgrades. You may also buy new cars with the money you earn from each match. To demonstrate that you are once again in charge of the roadways, start playing straight immediately.

How to play

Use mouse to move. Be the player who can go all the world.


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