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Smileyworld Bubble Shooter

About Smileyworld Bubble Shooter

Smileyworld Bubble Shooter is an amazing bubble shooting game. Explore 100 thrilling levels by bursting laughing bubbles and collecting lots of coins.

Pop the smiley bubbles in SmileyWorld Bubble Shooter to have fun! Aim and shoot smiling heads at the groups to pass each level! Enjoy the fun atmosphere of the cheerful theme and the challenge of the game's tens of levels! Press the start button and keep an eye on the screen of your smartphone as the smileys start to emerge.

You'll become addicted to this Bubble Shooter masterpiece's positive energy and fun levels! Stop what you're doing, smile, and allow the game to capture your heart! You may improve your aim as you explore SmileyWorld's streets by completing levels! To start at the first, easiest level and get a feel for the game, click the start button.

To get the goods, complete the tasks and shoot bubbles. The bubbles can only fall when being fired with bubbles of the same hue. After completing successful motions to activate it, a gigantic smiley may be shot from the smiley booster on the right to clear a small area. You lose lives when you fail a level so you may try again. Do not worry if you run out of lives; more will appear soon. You may explore the fascinating world of Smileys by completing goals and advancing through the levels!


  • A novel and pleasant idea.
  • Funny faces as characters.
  • Many levels.
  • Boosters and vigor.
  • Utilizable with mobile devices.

How to play

Use mouse to move, be the ball shooter pass all the levels.


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