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Slope Game Multiplayer

About Slope Game Multiplayer

Slope Game Multiplayer is a thrilling running game in which you will control your ball to run as far as possible to compete with the top players in your region.

The Slope Multiplayer game is the new version of the famous Slope game series. Are you a fan of this series? If you are, this version is a must-tried game to you. This game will give you completely new experiences compared to the old versions, especially the game Slope 2. Why is it like that? Let's start the game to discover new things now!

New rules compared to other slope games

The first improvement in this game is the multiplayer mode. You can join this game to compete with other players. Online players will join a race together. Let's move forward together and find the winner. In addition, this slope game has an endpoint. No other game here has this. You can follow the progress bar on the left side of the screen to see where you are. You will know how far you are from your destination.

Moreover, you will not die if you hit the red obstacles. Your ball will slow down or jump to the other side. This will make it difficult for you to compete with other players. Other balls may pass you at the time of your collision. Therefore, try to avoid collisions with obstacles. Furthermore, you also won't die if you fall into space. The game will continue. Your race will be divided into many different parts of the track. When you fall, you will be brought back to the first platform of that part. Besides that, you can collect bonuses on your way to speed up. 

Features of Slope Multiplayer

  • The fast-paced running game
  • Compete with other players in your region
  • Cool graphics and effects

How to control: Use left and right arrow keys or AD keys to move

More Information about Slope Game Multiplayer

Developer: Y8.com

Ver: 2.0.5

Some Tips for you

  • Sign in with your Y8 account to get double XP.
  • After each match, you will get 15 XP if you take first place. It is 10XP for second place and 5XP for third place. Fourth place onwards will not be awarded.
  • Every 50XP point will help your level increase.
  • You should select the region on the main menu for a better connection. There are 3 regions for you to choose from: America, Asia, and Europe.
  • You should check the game regularly for new maps and world updates.
  • You can change your name by clicking in the textbox below your current name.

2 Save Modes

Other games often use a way to save play progress. For example, Geometry Dash Unblocked stores on a device. However, this game wants to bring more comfort to players. Therefore, the developer has added an online save mode.

  • Online Save helps you save your game progress in the cloud and you can continue it anytime on any device. In particular, you can earn XP faster. This will help you put your name on the leaderboard.
  • Local Save helps you save the progress running on the device. There is no bonus for you.


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