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Slope Ball

About Slope Ball

Slope Ball is an enjoyable way to enjoy entertaining moments. Steer your ball to overcome obstacles. Discover and rescue a new planet covered by the dark.

T-Rex Tyrannosaurus, Giant Snake Titanoboa, Flying Monster Quetzalcoatlus, Ferocious Bear Megatherium, and Shark Megalodon! Have you ever heard of these 5 mascots? These are the 5 mascots of a planet. However, these five mascots were cursed. They need to get 5 precious hexagons back to return to normal. In order to achieve this goal, you need to participate in adventurous adventures. These adventures are full of obstacles. Not everyone has the guts to take part in these adventures. However, there is one tiny character, a Ball. This character has courage and enthusiasm. This Ball character will return to find the hexagons to help this unfortunate planet.

Characters and Controls

There are 6 different characters: Ball, Ship, UFO, Robot, Wave, and Spider. Each character has a unique way of moving to suit each terrain. The Ball character will roll continuously on the slopes. The character Ship has the ability to fly in the air. UFO characters can jump in the air. The character Wave moves in a zigzag path. The Spider character can move on the top and bottom platforms. 

In particular, these characters can transform. These characters do not appear spontaneously. They also won't change to your liking. To change the character, you need to go through the portal. There are 6 portals corresponding to 6 characters.

  • The green portal will create the character Cube. 
  • The pink portal creates the character Ship. 
  • The orange portal creates the character Ball. 
  • The orange-yellow portal creates the character UFO. 
  • The blue portal creates the character Wave. 
  • The white portal creates the character Robot. 
  • The purple portal creates the character Spider.

Use your control to guide these characters to move safely. Like in Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash Unblocked, your character owns one basic skill, jumping. You need to jump over obstacles. To control the characters, you just need to press the spacebar, up arrow key, or left mouse button. However, you need to pay attention to the way you move. You can move on the ground. You also have jumping pads. The jumping pads help you jump automatically over obstacles. Besides, the jump rings also help you jump. But the jump rings allow you to make a second jump in the air.

Overcoming obstacles is a test. The obstacles appear continuously and they can move. You need to avoid colliding with obstacles. If you touch them, your character will die. Master necessary skills to overcome all obstacles.

Additional Information about Slope Ball 

The game offers you many different skins for each character. These skins are designed with many different looks. In particular, you do not need to pay or do any tasks to receive these skins. You can choose from one of them for free. 

This game has impressive graphics, eye-catching effects, and great sound. Participating in this game gives you great entertainment moments after a hard working day. Have a nice day!


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