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Slope 2

About Slope 2

Slope 2 is what you want to find to relax. It's never been so easy to earn diamonds. You only need a ball to collect tons of sparkling blue diamonds. 

If you want to immerse yourself in the blue diamonds, come to Slope 2 where you can collect many free blue diamonds. Welcome to the second installment of the slope series! Based on the original version, Slope Game, this game has the same rules as the previous version. However, it has been upgraded and improved to suit more players.

Compare Slope 2 and Slope Game

If you are a fan of slope games, you will probably know these two games: Slope Game and Slope 2. These two games have the same gameplay. Controlling the ball is your responsibility. However, their difference is quite obvious. Right from the start of the game, you can notice the difference in graphics. Slope 2 has graphics based on yellow tones while Slope Game is designed based on green tones. The difficulty level of the game is also completely different. When you play Slope Game, you will face more challenges than playing Slope 2. Slope Game calculates the score based on your jumps while Slope 2 is based on the distance you travel. In particular, Slope 2 has designed many skins for you to choose from.

Since its launch, this running game has been considered a great competitor to Geometry Dash Unblocked, another famous running game.

How to play Slope 2

Your task is to control the ball to run as far as possible. Avoiding obstacles is also an important thing. On the way, you will face a lot of red obstacles. The red blocks are located on the platforms. They can become more dangerous as they move. The direction of their movement is also varied. They can move from top to bottom, left to right, and vice versa. Besides, you will also see tunnels. There are 2 red walls on either side of the tunnels. If you hit these red obstacles, your ball will break. The game will end.

Moreover, the change of platform is also an issue. The platforms will change shape continuously. When you are moving on a broad platform, the next platform can be a narrow one. These platforms also have different slopes. They can also vibrate. Everything makes for interesting challenges for you to enjoy. Move carefully because the game will stop if your ball falls into space.

In addition, you will see yellow jumping platforms. These jump platforms will help you jump higher in the face of long distances between the two platforms. Remember to collect as many diamonds as you can. Use earned diamonds to unlock new skins.

However, getting diamonds isn’t easy. One of the necessary skills to do it is control skill. With only a ball and great control skills, you can have tons of blue diamonds. You have to jump to come to some far road. Moreover, your ball must not be hit by a black machine that can destroy the ball. The number of diamonds you get can be used to buy the new ball. Remember to use the support items. The valuable blue diamonds are waiting for you. Don't hesitate, let’s click on the game to have fun. 

How to control: Use arrows to control the ball.


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