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Madmen Racing

About Madmen Racing

Madmen Racing is a racing game with a variety of eye-catching automobiles. You may compete against the top racers in the world in the game.

Take part in Madmen Racing, one of the wackiest contests you've ever seen. In races, participants frequently operate swift vehicles, but that is not the case in this game. Organize your space at the starting line and get ready to talk to a variety of individuals. Can you successfully beat every track while completing a variety of them?

A grandfather in a wheelchair, a crazy guy in a shopping cart, and a person in a trash can are just a few of the weird characters you may control in this game. Don't base your opinion of these eccentric racers on the looks of their vehicles! The main objective of this game is to win each race by doing numerous tasks.

The game has 18 various levels that you may play, each of which has a different objective. The best approach to begin the game is by choosing a racer. At initially, you can only use one of them, but as you go through levels and accumulate money, you might be able to utilize the others.

Six separate upgradeable measures, including wheels, speed, and other characteristics, are available for each racer. After picking a character, a level must be selected. Use the arrow keys to drive about in your automobile. Hit the X key to use your nitro boost. Your nitro levels are shown at the top of the screen. After use, your nitro will decrease, but it will ultimately reappear.

How to play

Use mouse to move be the best player in this exciting racing game.


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