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About Ludibubbles

Ludibubbles is vibrant ball firing game. The game contains several stages, or you may complete them all, get the best score take over as the shooting tycoon.

Ludibubbles will challenge the quickness of your strategic reactions! To protect the cursed lands, shoot the bubble invaders! Gain the most score points by speeding through challenging levels, completing stages with three stars, and eliminating bubble groupings by striking them with bubbles of the same color as they are!

As the chaos crater is open, nothing should go inside of it. To block opponent ball strikes before they reach the hole, you have a single ship, a limitless supply of cannonballs in any color, and unrivaled speed abilities. You are at liberty to go about the island and take them out whenever you choose from any position. Move swiftly and aim precisely to stop the balls from going too far.

Shoot groups of two or more with balls of the same color to make them explode and buy some time before the next party shows up. At all costs, avoid adding more balls to the line. It's crucial to keep your equilibrium between two lines that are approaching you at once. Avoid letting one line go too far while concentrating on the other. Find out about each of the twelve phases as you practice and get better. Improve your reflexes and shooting skills while having fun!


  • Bright, shiny bubbles
  • Lovely animations
  • 12 intriguing levels with a quick pace
  • Languages offered
  • Detailed directions

How to play

Use the mouse to move you can also win.


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