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Kick The Dahmer

About Kick The Dahmer

Kick The Dahmer is a gripping action game that lets you exact revenge on Dahmer, the serial killer, for all the victims. By hurting him, you will make money.

The video game Kick the Dahmer brings the goriest and most brutal fashion show on television, which was based on serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, into our homes! He has finally entered prison after much struggle and has hundreds of corpses on his back. He is not deserving of any sympathy!

It's up to you to give the serial killer Dahmer guy what he deserves. Don't even consider pausing as you explode, destroy, fire, shoot, freeze, and send the power of the metal bar! You now possess a nearly infinite supply of weapons, including flamethrowers, automatic rifles, rocket launchers, and grenades. We provide you Kick the Dahmer, which is not simply a game. Want more excitement? You will eventually need to let off some steam, even if you are generally quite stress-free!

To win the game, players can acquire and use weapons including firearms, rocket launchers, swords, and electric shockers. Additionally, you have the option of selecting another crazy kick game.


Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

How to play

PC controls: To play, click the mouse

Smartphone and tablet: To play, touch the screen


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