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Graffiti Time

About Graffiti Time

Graffiti Time is an entertaining adventure game in which you transform into a skateboarding character, color the streets, and escape from pursuing robots.

In your city, the 1970s fad of graffitied walls is still prevalent, therefore the cops are constantly on the lookout for experienced sprayers like you. In Graffiti Time, you must jump, avoid getting apprehended by the authorities, and paint with vibrant spray paint. Are you up for this unusual adventure?

Use the arrows to travel and jump while controlling your character, which resembles the top of a paint can. Search the area for any automobiles or other items that need to be colored in, which you accomplish by pressing and holding C when you are close to them.

With the key, you proceed to the enormous paint can at the conclusion of the course, where you utilize the paint to ascend to the following level. Whatever you do, keep an eye out for police officers who may be lurking or moving about since what you're doing is against the law, and if you are caught, you lose.

To launch paint cans, press Up twice. There are boards that are empty that can be used for freehand graffiti, in which case you can use the mouse to draw anything comes to your mind. Simple as that, and during these levels, lots of amazing things will occur, so why don't you start right away?


2D game in a unique graffiti style

How to play

  • Arrow Keys: Move the character
  • SPACE: Paint
  • Down Arrow: Set jump pad
  • C: Delete last jump pad


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