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Endless Runner 3D Unity

About Endless Runner 3D Unity

Endless Runner 3D Unity is an intriguing running adventure game to enjoy endless races while collecting gold coins. Control a boy to escape from the police.

Welcome to this new running game! This game has the same gameplay as the Cat Runner game and the Temple Run 2 game. All three of these games are geared towards endless gameplay. Run and avoid obstacles. However, each game has its own characteristics, especially the plot. In this game, your main character is a little boy. Because of his poverty, the boy stole food. Unfortunately, he was discovered and pursued by the police. Help the boy escape the police chase! Even though he is at fault, these mistakes can be forgiven.

Features of Endless Runner 3D

  • The interesting and addictive running game
  • Endless races with countless obstacles
  • Simple mechanics and easy controls

Your Mission in the Endless Runner 3D Unity game

While running, you will face a lot of obstacles. Your task is to control your character to avoid them. If you hit the obstacles, the police will catch you. However, when you have a slight collision, you will only slow down. You can see strange items on the road. Collect them to activate special abilities. Moreover, you can get rewards if you collect enough items.

There are different obstacles in this adventure game. There are trains, barriers, or blocks. In particular, trains can move. They appear many times during your adventure. Be careful! As the name mentioned, the races are infinite, so you are free to show your running and controlling skills before countless obstacles. Run as far as possible to achieve admirable achievements. Put your name on the leaderboard. Let’s start this arcade game to entertain and relax after a hard-working day.

Furthermore, remember to collect all the diamonds along the way to unlock useful items. In addition, there is a special challenge for you. You will see letters appear on the line. Pick them up to make a meaningful word. When this mission is completed, you will receive a great reward.

10 different quests

Unlike other running games, this game requires you to perform a lot of different tasks. For example, the Geometry Dash Unblocked game only requires you to run to the destination. In contrast, Endless Runner 3D Unity brings 10 quests. These 10 quests will increase your fighting and conquering spirit. Can you complete them? Show it off now!

  • Collect 100 diamonds.
  • Get 1000 points in 1 run.
  • Collect any 2 items.
  • Jump 20 times.
  • Use 1 skateboard.
  • Collect 2 high jump shoes.
  • Slide 10 times.
  • Plunge into 5 explosive barrels.
  • Get 2000 points in one run.
  • Slide 30 times.

If you find a quest too difficult, you can use diamonds to cancel it. However, the amount of diamonds you need to use is very large. Normally you need about 5000 diamonds to clear a quest.

Buy Items in Endless Runner 3D Unity

You can buy different items with the diamonds you earn. You can buy flying boards, mystery chests, plus points and lucky spins. Besides, you can upgrade flying equipment, high jump shoes, magnets, flying boards, and hot air balloons.

In addition, diamonds can also buy new skins for your character. There are many different skins. Each skin is very special and designed in a different style. For example, you can try using a tennis girl, a witch, or alien skin.

How to control

  • Use arrow keys to move. 
  • Press the spacebar to use the skateboard.


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