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Dig This

About Dig This

Dig This is a highly appealing game. To spend hours playing in the earth and searching for hooks to catch balls, grab your hard helmet and a shovel.

Grab your hard hats and shovels for hours and hours of digging in the dirt. A compelling digging experience is made possible by innovative, precise soil and gravity dynamics. The eye-catching colors and appealing visual style make it fun to face every challenge. Finding the illusive solutions to each difficulty also gives one the greatest sense of success.

It's not just about digging deep; each stage introduces a new mechanism or effect that you'll need to exploit to get your balls to goal. You don't believe it will be difficult enough to get your balls to the cups? Just picture how difficult it would be if you threw in some explosives and bright balls!

Allow the balls to start falling right away. Embrace This! This skill game will let you vent as you try to get the balls to roll downhill in the ground thanks to its simple-to-play motion. Let's put your abilities to research thoroughly to the test!

In this 3D game, you may physically dig through the photos of the authentic dirt to make tunnels through which the balls would fall. The dirt is so sensitive that it can track every movement of the cursor and enable specialized digging. The only things that can move the balls in the way you can alter the ground below them are gravity and a basic understanding of physics.

There are a total of twenty stages distributed over three different game styles where you must try to direct the balls to land precisely where they are supposed to. You may first switch to the sandbox mode before moving on to the multicolor mode and then the boombox mode. Try your hardest to let the balls fall precisely and easily on the restart if you ever miss a level!

How to play

Use mouse to move be the best player.


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