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Death Run 3D

About Death Run 3D

Death Run 3D is a thrilling running game for singleplayer to avoid colliding with various obstacles and try to get the highest score in 4 game modes.

Welcome to the Death Run 3D game where you can experience high-speed races! This game is known as one of the fastest-running games. Even games like Geometry Dash Unblocked are no match for this game's difficulty level. You will be surprised by what this game has to offer. You will not only have moments of entertainment but also improve your reflexes. Why does this game give players so many benefits? Let's start the game and enjoy it!

The interface of the game

As soon as you click on the game Death Run 3D, you will see the main menu with a lot of options. Each option will help you to follow and grasp this game.

Play Options

This option is the most important option. When you press the Play button, you'll be taken to a submenu with 4 other options, including Maelstrom, Superluminal, Hyper Maelstrom, and Hyper Superluminal. These are the 4 game modes of this game. Each game mode has its own characteristics. If you join the Maelstrom, you will face obstacles. These obstacles will move. However, they will stop moving before you get close to them. Obstacles in Superluminal can move continuously even when you are close to them. In particular, there are platforms arranged like stairs in this mode. The two Hyper modes will give you the same challenges as the two modes above. However, the speed is faster and has more obstacles.

Leaderboard Options

This game gives you a leaderboard. This ranking will let you know the top 10 best players of the day, 7 days, 30 days, and all time. The higher your score, the more likely you are to enter the leaderboard. On July 9, 2022, the highest score belongs to H4X0R with 2147483647 points.

Achievements Options

In this section, you can track individual tasks. Complete these missions to unlock achievements. For example, you can unlock a Score 100 or Score 900 in Hyper Maelstrom mode. Or you can unlock Score 300 and Score 600 achievement in Hyper Superluminal mode. There are many other achievements waiting for you to unlock. Please go to the Achievements section to follow up.

Setting Options

Click the setting button to set some parameters about score, volume, menu color, and default input. Note that you should reduce the screen brightness if your screen is at a high brightness level. High brightness levels will make the game interface glare and become difficult to see.

Basic rules of the game

Death Run 3D game has quite simple gameplay. The biggest rule is to avoid obstacles. If you hit the obstacles, the game will be over. Your score will be recorded at that time,

However, it is difficult to avoid collisions because of the high speed and obstacle level. This game has high speed. You will need to practice several times before you can get used to this pace. Besides, the obstacle is also a problem because obstacles appear constantly. They can also move. 

How to control: Use your arrow keys to control


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