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Clash Of Heroes

About Clash Of Heroes

Clash Of Heroes is a fun game. Defeat opposing forces and destroy their castles. Upgrade your army with the medals you win after victories.

Never slow down in Clash of Heroes battles if you want to win! Give it everything you've got because you'll win this war with a little arithmetic and a lot of perseverance. Let's test your ability to be the real hero, though.

In this strategy game, you won't do anything risky; instead, you'll use your intelligence to outwit your rivals. There are various challenging levels ready for you. Clear your mind, and carefully choose your heroes. You must pull your heroes to the blue side for your last lines of defense and attack.

You have to wait for one of your heroes to emerge from the earth after being utilized there. Your opponent could assault your towers before the right moment, reducing the amount of soldiers in each one. You must thus choose the best combatants and know when to move. The winning squad is the one that gets rid of every enemy soldier. Let's now see how far you can get by winning battles.

Build your team, invade adjacent kingdoms, vanquish the opponents, destroy their fortresses, and lead your squad to victory. For each win, you will receive a medal, experience points, and gold that you can spend to strengthen your army and castle and prepare to face increasingly formidable foes.

How to play

Use the mouse to move you have won, let's have fun playing the game.


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