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Cat Runner

About Cat Runner

Cat Runner is a running adventure to transform into a cat to avoid the police chase. Run as far as possible while avoiding obstacles and collecting coins.

Ever thought you would turn into a cute cat? In this game, you will have a chance to make it come true. However, this cat is not like usual cats. Cats in the Cat Runner game have the ability to move like humans. Besides, for some reason, the cat was chased by the police. Help this poor cat escape the chase!

The gameplay of the Cat Runner game 

Control your character to overcome obstacles. If you collide with the obstacles, the game will be over. On collision, the police will catch you and you cannot continue your journey.

In addition, you need to collect gold coins to unlock skins, boards, and upgrades. You will also have tasks to receive extra rewards. For example, you have a task to collect 500 coins or get 1000 points in one run. The reward will be given when the taskbar reaches 100%. Besides, you can collect power-ups along the way to make the race easier. For example, you can collect planes to fly in the air. There are no obstacles in the air, so you don't have to worry about collisions.

Dangers on your way

You will face many different obstacles. The trains are arranged consecutively. They may or may not move. You may also face barriers. These barriers block the road. Besides, piles of sand or piles of dirt also make it difficult for you to move. Moreover, the terrain in this running game also changes. You can run on the roads. After that, the terrain will turn to bridges over the river. Quickly adapting to different terrains will be an advantage for you.

Necessary Skills to overcome obstacles

Because of the unique terrains and special arrangements of obstacles, you need to master all the necessary skills. When you use your skills masterfully, you will be ready to face all dangers and threats.

There are 4 important skills, jumping, sliding, flying, and turning. Unlike Geometry Dash Unblocked which you only have one skill, this adventure game requires you to use more skills. You need to jump over low obstacles like cars, barriers, or piles of earth. Besides, you can also jump from the ceiling of one means of transport to the ceiling of another means of transport. When moving to new terrain, jumping is also indispensable. The second skill is sliding. You need to slide over the obstacles with gaps at the bottom. You can't jump over obstacles that are too high, so sliding is a safe way.

When you use the item, you can fly. Flying skills are quite easy because there are no obstacles in the air. Finally, you need to know how to turn to other lanes. There are obstacles that do not allow you to jump or slide over. Moving to the left or right is the most appropriate way to handle this situation.

Bonus and Shop

You can get a bonus every 3 minutes. Besides, you can also get daily rewards by accessing the Cat Runner game every day.

To buy skins and items, you need to go to the shop. Here, you can use your earned coins to buy the things you want. There are many different beautiful skins. Besides, you can also purchase boards for your cats. In particular, you can also unlock upgrades to enhance the power-up duration.

How to control

  • Left arrow to move left
  • Right arrow to move right
  • Up arrow to jump
  • Down arrow to slide
  • Spacebar to use the skateboard


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