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Balls And Bricks

About Balls And Bricks

Balls And Bricks is very relaxing ball shooting game. You just need to aim and observe correctly everything will be destroyed. Are you ready for this game?

Balls & Bricks lets you blast the numbered bricks with a limitless amount of balls to wear them down. Take the protection boosters, get additional ammo at each level, and shoot the blocks to keep them away from you! Keep up with the growing crowd by using the barriers to to the farthest corners!

Welcome to the never-ending game of shooting! You'll work out hard on these bricks, but don't worry—you can prove it by grabbing every ball as you advance toward triumph! To shoot balls, click or press the screen, drag to aim, and then let go. Utilize the walls to blast many blocks at once and kill numerous birds with one stone!

Keep delivering stronger attacks on the approaching block rows while attempting to maintain concentration within the vibrant neon theme. Before the balls come back, press the + symbols to obtain another turn. When bricks strike the ground, this booster will send balls flying back at them, tripling your attacks for that round. If you lose, save your game at the checkpoint levels and restart from there. Obtain unique boosters for emergencies by collecting diamonds to unlock the distinctive ball patterns!

How to play

Use mouse to move, be the best ball shooter.


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